11/12/2020 22:44

$NIO Inc.
$Li Auto Inc.

these companies are already bigger than GM, Ford and Chrysler by market cap. Okay, these ev companies may eat these traditional car manufacturers lunch in future( it's so doubtful) but, How can they be more profitable than these traditional companies ?
electric cars dont have better profit margin than ice cars, battery business (charging or swapping) is only like gas station. where is source of profits???

what's "secret sauce "???

this is honest question, I just want know reason of this hype...
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BullWinkle11/12/2020 23:19
why would anyone want the inconvenience of an electric car right now. gasoline has never been cheaper. electricity is very expensive


strongman 11/12/2020 22:56
most of answers are joke,

I asked serious question

before investing anything I want to know what is it?
I cant invest blindly. I did my own research, but couldn't find any "secret sauce" . I know alot of people here just pumps stock to make profit.
I asked honest question

xia***com11/12/2020 23:30

you don't invest it ,it's ok.we love money. we don't care it's ev company or traditional business. we just think which one is the money back times quickly.

strongman 11/12/2020 23:08

if this is secret sauce, I don't invest these stocks

I was born Soviet union, and I knew what is authoritarian regimes. communist authoritarian regimes can create or destroy anything...

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Rol***com11/12/2020 22:54
Gm is just getting started they dont have the ambition these companies are ahead of the game My money is on xpeng 👌🏿


FVT11/12/2020 22:52
China is the largest car country in the world. With about 270 ICE cars as of June 2019. China is requiring 20percent of cars to be EV in 2035 or 2025. Somebody correct me if im wrong. Many more countries are going to follow. Traditional car makers are going to suffer.

strongman 11/12/2020 23:27

I read those article. Article mentioned 20% of new car car sales will be electric. it's just 5% right now. China car sales 25 million annually and declining since 2015.
5% of them is about 1.3 million units, and it would be 5 million ev sales annually in 2025
and it's not about car sales, Toyota's revenue is more 200 bn annually but, net profit isn't big, ev cars are also the same even less profitable.
only secret sauce is " autonomous driving" but none of these companies are leading it

FVT11/12/2020 22:53

*270 million


Solas11/12/2020 22:52
its thousand islands. easy money


himinfinite11/12/2020 22:49
growth stock. look it up. what investors want. they want the next tesla, or microsoft. the possibility to own amazon at 40 bucks. that's why.


ZGQHYDT11/12/2020 22:48
U lost


par***com11/12/2020 22:48
gm is bankrupt company. will u buy gm car? da fk u comparing bankrupt company to rising company

strongman 11/12/2020 23:49

gm sell more ev cars than those three mascots and have big plans , too. and partners with Walmart to driverless delivery.
don't underestimate it


662****92911/12/2020 22:48
Tax credits to manufacturers in us, not sure about china. After widespread adaptation, these wlectric leaders now will profit big in the short term until their experienced employees are headhunted out and the market rebalances


Boe Jiden11/12/2020 22:47
Stocks always about the future, Think about it. GM there is no future anymore, They will akeays Be the same, u need to think about hats the logical

strongman 11/12/2020 23:51

GM sells more ev car than those 3 hyped companies and have future plans too. aslo it's one the leader of autonomous driving technology in the world ( even better than Tesla)


aza11/12/2020 22:46
I think the "secret sauce" is China