11/13/2020 22:31

$NIO Inc. I re-entered a postion premarket at a high of 500 shares for 52.25. Wanted to buy more at a lower price. I kept buying to average down to 2500 shares for 45.80. I got what I wanted but didn’t want it to go down like today with the article.

Came close to selling at a huge loss and the emotions almost got the better of me. Past experience with MJ stocks made me learn the hard way. I believe in the company and they are in a market that most of us cant fathom how huge EV will be.

Moral of the story.....it’s true what they say. Never sell on emotions. Study the company and stick with data on what they can do in the long term.

I believe Citron got paid well today and the big boys came in picked all the retail shares for cheap.
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Mr.Valentine11/15/2020 01:15
I'd think of investing on a long PUT OPTION as insurance on your shares that are long. better to lose the money on the put than on the shares. Just my opinion, no pro here 👌 GL


Den***com11/14/2020 00:12
Bro good comment. Don’t worry about Clown comments to.

I been following Nio for a long time and when it comes to the market you never know what is going to happen. I remeber being in Pins a few weeks ago and i knew the Stock was going to run up because of positive news, but the market was tanking heavy that week because of the election i believe, now on the of earnings, the stock flew to $61 and guess what i did, before the earnings, i put a a put on the stock and lost a substantial amount of profit and remember i knew the stock was going to run up days before but because of noise, I flipped my position and lost out.

the moral of what im saying is, stick with your first decision and then you can live with the results either way it go.

As far as for NIO, my thoughts is this:
- it was definitely manipulated and that was obvious. NIO has been around with more news before XPEV and LI as they just IPO’ed. Earnings and news from XPEV and Li popped the EV market, besdies Tesla, but to me Tesla is in its own class. So now people will short Nio when the news has not arrived?, why? what happened to the theme “buy the rumor, sell the news” and guess what we have not heard news. This is a strong stock but it is very extended and a pull back is definitely approaching but i dont think it will be right now when earnings has not reported and a lot positive news is there for the stock pior to today. This just feels like cheat and manipulation. Now, I could be wrong and tryna make you and everyone who lost money feel better but it is my theory and im okay with being wrong.

FVT11/14/2020 02:22

It’s that second voice in your head that brings out the doubt. I tried to fight it today and said no to sell because I know where this company can go and it touched 54 at the all time high. Today was a good pullback to bring Nio back to reality.

The last hour was a good rally to 45. Which gave me confidence that bulls had control and this a good buy at that price.

Plus, Nio day is coming and the anticipation of a new sedan will generate excitement that will also reflect the future stock price


918****19911/13/2020 23:04
thank you sir, I feel better and will follow you, any advise you throw my way I will listen sir

FVT11/13/2020 23:20

I just want to help. I’m learning too. I hope past experiences will make me a better investor.


FVT11/13/2020 22:50


bji***com11/13/2020 22:48
good luck man. At least, you did your hw and have faith in the company.

FVT11/13/2020 22:53

ThanKs. 🙏


Maverick11/13/2020 22:47
Pic or its not real

FVT11/13/2020 22:50

See pic


nic***com11/13/2020 22:42
Patience is key for success...if you can’t control your impulses when emotions kick in, I will advise you not to invest what you are not willing to loose. I could’ve sold when it peaked to 51.00, but decided to hold because I do believe in this company. So many people sold because they were afraid that they will loose, but now if they want to hop in again. They will be buying high on Monday...it was all manipulated to get the shares at a cheaper price. 🙃

918****19911/13/2020 23:05

thank you


Boe Jiden11/13/2020 22:40
Similar, holding 😎 I played puts as headge, sole puts. So actually im not losing any money today. Nio report will be a bomb👍

FVT11/13/2020 22:46

Lol We are in the same Boat


Simo 11/13/2020 22:38
U in trouble
Gap down big Monday


LazyPanda11/13/2020 22:36
I wouldn't worry much your average is good

FVT11/13/2020 22:45

If it can hit an all time high of 54 today. I knew this was an opportunity to average down.


Spndr11/13/2020 22:35
I was close yesterday to buying a lot of puts but I pushed my plan to monday. Did not expect this to happen today

FVT11/13/2020 22:38

No one did. Glad it’s over. This will be forgotten over the weekend come Monday.


Heisenberg11/13/2020 22:35
cheap would be under 5 dollars. It's overbought now.

FVT11/13/2020 22:37

You funny 😆


Heisenberg11/13/2020 22:34
but you bought on emotions, AKA FOMO.

FVT11/13/2020 22:39

I can do that too 🤡

FVT11/13/2020 22:35

You are right. Wanted to take position if it gapped up on open. Which it did until the article came out.

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