11/14/2020 02:28

$NIO Inc. When Left or Hindenberg speak on a stock you have to buy puts IMMEDIATELY. you can fight the system. You sell all your shares and buy puts. And you WILL MAKE A SHIT LOAD OF MONEY. ESPECIALLY AFTER YOU LOAD UP WHE IT TANKS. Im learning all the little tricks. It comes with experience and experience comes with taking losses.
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TrendRider11/14/2020 03:14
huge lesson learned. was scalping the breakout this morning and got complacent and now stuck averaging down when I could have been on the short side. underestimated severely the magnitude of damage a baseless article can do. today I fought the market and lost and now stuck holding. average is still below vwap, but I missed 5 or 6 opportunities to earn.

ict***com11/14/2020 06:00

Now you know how Citron works. Many will complain but the reason it dripped so fast is because many already know the deal and they make the play in anticipation. Hindenburg does the same shit. think about how many of his buddies he tips before he does this Thats why he's alway getting sued and stays in and out of court and gets fined. Every smart trader has their tactics that work for them no matter the market conditions. he built a name as a career short and uses everything in his power

ict***com11/14/2020 05:54



Chriseldon11/14/2020 02:34
True about puts but that was only for today itll run up 50-60 tuesday before earnings for sure if earnings isnt all that thoigh i can see it go down to mid 30s for a little theres always good bull traps before earnings

ict***com11/14/2020 05:56

it's an ego thing. but the stock Market is the modern day wild wesr

ict***com11/14/2020 05:55

of course. does it all the time to hot stocks. hes patient and even goes long if he has to acter he destroys a stock

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