11/14/2020 18:03

$NIO Inc. What a bunch of pure gold rush dreamers !! Do you really Citron is alone thinking that NIO isnt Worth 70B Lol ?

Its like comparing a 7/11 store and saying its worth more than Walmart down the street hahaha Jesus.

Do you really think no one else is gonna say something next week ?

You have to be out of your mind to hold this thing about 40$ ?

Keep those blinders on you bunch of dreamers
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dre***com11/14/2020 19:20
citron is a known short seller. f them they are jokes and their news isnt worth jack


📈TrendSpotter📉11/14/2020 19:09
this dude was long OSTK got trapped holding big bag dont believe his delusion


IGOTBAGS11/14/2020 18:47
This gotta be a fake post....right?


Mr.Burns11/14/2020 18:38


mik***com11/14/2020 18:31
Why do they let morons in here?


BuyLowSellHigh96911/14/2020 18:11
😂😂😂clearly you need to do more research buddy. See you at 50+ next week

Drock11/14/2020 23:17

Dreamers keep dreaming ! Already made 4 big ones on this baby - see you at 28 if you are still holding


JEERUU11/14/2020 18:08
This you?


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