11/17/2020 15:12

$NIO Inc. whats everyone see as a worst case scenario from earnings report? drop back down to where? too many times ive seen good earnings this year and the stock still drops afterwards. just super hesitant to be bullish. and some of these puts looking cheap. feeling like the 100 dollar risk in puts could pay out beautifully.
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kou***com11/17/2020 15:16
I see even an earnings beat will still correct this company to 35 bucks.
which is somewhat still an overpriced stock at that point.
this isn't Elon musk running this company.
do you know who the CEO is ?

JSouthwick11/17/2020 15:22

You dont value a company based off of potential sales πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

rob***com11/17/2020 15:20

pretty sure i also saw that we are currently trading at 8 times potential sales in 2022. pretty forward looking.

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rob***com11/17/2020 15:14
open interest on the 35 and 30 strikes intrigues me


Mahatma11/17/2020 15:13
worst case 25 most likely case 38


tim***com11/17/2020 15:13
NOt past 39


Rob 11/17/2020 15:13
What put strike you looking at?

rob***com11/17/2020 15:14

a lot of open interest. considering.

rob***com11/17/2020 15:14

35, 30


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