11/17/2020 22:53

$NIO Inc. @InvestmentsForLife Idk why you tripping. you trying to call me out wont change the fact that market is gona move. sure, I dont have to say anything and just keep trading.. my words dont move the market. I like how you agree when I said buy Nio at market opens but goes crazy against me when I say short Nio eod. you can hate me but the market is gona move. Im just trying to move with it and make money and giving free signals. you dont have to follow. just dont be a bias trader. here was my Tesla battery day signal as well. Anyways gl to you.
NIO Inc.-0
NIO Inc.-1
NIO Inc.-2
NIO Inc.-3
NIO Inc.-4
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All Comments(6)

InvestmentsForLife11/18/2020 10:51


InvestmentsForLife11/17/2020 23:08
earnings doesn't make legit stocks with legit share holders sky rocket?????????????

Jason11/17/2020 23:11

Show me your nio?? You post a lot but cant back up anything... little cat behind the computer screen acting like a tiger... meow


SWERCKY77711/17/2020 23:01
My guy why you only have 2 contracts? Compared to ur tesla puts ๐Ÿค” credible? No ๐Ÿคก

SWERCKY77711/17/2020 23:15

@Jason bro ur tesla puts you showed how good is ur portfolio and now you bought 2 contracts where is ur portfolio now lmao

InvestmentsForLife11/17/2020 23:06

look at upwork.

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Gunz11/17/2020 22:57
Haters gonna hate ,just keep makin that money ๐Ÿ˜Ž


Stock King11/17/2020 22:56
This guy knows what hes talking abt๐Ÿค‘


InvestmentsForLife11/17/2020 22:55
who cares. you're still some weird ass bipolar day trader at the eod lol. I can imagine how many train rides you be missing. keep fighting for bread crumbs

Jason11/17/2020 22:56

Change your name to biaspolar.


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