11/25/2020 09:49

$NIO Inc. This bubble is unsustainable... NIO has sold apx 20000 cars and has a larger Market cap than GM... which sold 7.7 million cars in 2019... smfh When. this bubble pops it is going to hurt a lot of fools.
NIO Inc.-0
NIO Inc.-1
NIO Inc.-2
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Matt Swade Trades All Day 11/25/2020 11:39
there are some 5 dollar puts that expire over a year and they have a lot of OI and volume goes through when NIO is red. I've worked them a few times but not a large trade because the volume is usually low, but someone keeps adding to the OI and working them as well. I've sold those for 100% each time. i mainly like having some just I'm case that big bubble pops.

Matt Swade Trades All Day 11/25/2020 11:41

I've been in NIO since it was 1.50 while buying 10 dollar calls I might add. i love this stock but must be realistic. it is the Chinese government pet so we are trading with them and should not expect anything really


pre***com11/25/2020 10:05
gm sold that many cars and still can't even come close to nio. gm is a giant pile of sht


415****79111/25/2020 10:00
GM also had 7 million in recalls which will cost them an estimated 1.2 billion.


Pump it 📈11/25/2020 09:59
Today's the day Nio has sold off 4% after a 1,000% run . Today's the day I must sever ties 😔. I've lost faith. This -4% is killing me. it's time to let go . Lmao just kidding. xD

MetaTron1311/25/2020 10:00

Im not saying the company has not printed mula for many Im simply saying it's a huge fukin bubble and well... they dont usually end well... the current share price may be justified in a decade???

Jus11/25/2020 10:00

ur logic is so dumb lmfao


Isxuros11/25/2020 09:56
they don't want to hear that. you're speaking to members of a cult trying to tell them to get out. here comes the kool aid

Jus11/25/2020 10:00

lmaooo true


Armstrong for Trading 11/25/2020 09:53
get out of here and shut up


Sb00111/25/2020 09:53
Then why you stil Want to stay here ? Just shut up


LucidDrip11/25/2020 09:52


arn***com11/25/2020 09:51
shut up Nancy

Mr. Stock11/25/2020 09:56



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