11/25/2020 09:57

$NIO Inc. for you math failures... GM sold 7 million rides in 2019 NIO sold 21000 in 2020 thats a 350 times difference... even if NIO doubles its year over year growth of 5 percent it would still take 35 years to get to 7 million... lmfao just basic math folks
NIO Inc.-0
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All Comments(10)

John Doe11/25/2020 10:44
Fagget always here cry about some shit


John Doe11/25/2020 10:43
Go buy gm who the duck care


Joshua Gil11/25/2020 10:21
It essentially has the backing of the Chinese government..... which is planning to move to all electric vehicles. Long run it will definitely be a gain even if a bubble was to pop.

Johnny5stillalive11/25/2020 10:48

get outta your feelings bro....market will never care.

MetaTron1311/25/2020 10:22

ok so its a communist humanitarian rights violating POS??? yep buy buy buy


pre***com11/25/2020 10:20
u are a noob, investors know what the future is and its ev. the prices show that. doesn't matter how many cars u sold, itll all be ev later. thats why nio is worth more. gm is going the way of Kmart unless they start making more ev.


TraderJim11/25/2020 10:19
thats what analysts were saying about tesla... you dont understand the chinese market... Nio is backed by the government... its sitting in the LARGET MARKET in the world, in a country who is promoting domestic EV sales. Nio is situated to learn from Teslas early market burdens and accelerate its growth sooner then Tesla...

MetaTron1311/25/2020 10:20

still bro realistically it will take another decade for them to grow into this valuation... Dot com bubble pumper


Wag***com11/25/2020 10:08
They said the same thing about Tesla


jos***com11/25/2020 10:05
good thing stock price isn't set by the number of junk cars you produce 😅

MetaTron1311/25/2020 10:07

and what do you drive???


pre***com11/25/2020 10:03
so what your saying is gm is shit even selling that many cars compared to nio


BashBaby11/25/2020 10:03
Does GM have any other revenue aside from selling cars?

MetaTron1311/25/2020 10:05

NIO is selling itself as an eco system... but its a baby with a juggernaut size... not realistic... do you own anything made by them??? know anyone who does???


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