11/27/2020 00:13

$NIO Inc. i have a 56 dollar cal for dec 4 and im losing money. It should go back positIve by then right?
NIO Inc.-0
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Sin***com11/27/2020 02:45
good delivery numbers should drive this higher soon


GInvests11/27/2020 01:53
i have 25 $55 call for tomorrow im scared cuz we lost rocket thursday


Nate11/27/2020 01:49


Mr Leap Options11/27/2020 01:37
You guys think I am good with this option.

Ale***com11/27/2020 02:03

keep it for a yEar anD buy more


pie***com11/27/2020 01:04
cutting it close.


Jake Todd11/27/2020 01:04
well calls and puts are all trash for the most part lately. I made a little on my puts but had to immediately cover. I just see either side not doing well imo.


CommanderCuddles11/27/2020 00:57
Learn from this. meow


Coco11/27/2020 00:53
I think you bought my options, i sold that exact same calls the other week...

OPTIONSwithNIO11/27/2020 00:54



cap***com11/27/2020 00:49


Liliana Rakova11/27/2020 00:49
Never let your options expire, take profits when you can. Look at my posts...! 😊

OPTIONSwithNIO11/27/2020 00:50

Im just waiting to make my money back🥺


nmf***com11/27/2020 00:26
delivery report for November should come out Wednesday, if it exceeds 5500 deliveries we should see a nice bump up


trader11/27/2020 00:24
it should go back by then but theta might hurt u bad

River$11/27/2020 08:02

time ?

Bismi11/27/2020 00:53

Go to the ur position.. Then all the way down where u see The Greeks. ull see theta. Its the amount ull lose daily.

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Simba11/27/2020 00:21
Definitely hold will see green soon!


Ser***com11/27/2020 00:20
Yes sir


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