01/07/2021 21:18

$NIO Inc. I honestly thought today was going to be a red day like the last few days, so I wanted to wait to buy in. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I was wondering what might be a good entry point? Should I wait for more of a dip? My brother kept telling me when it was down to $40, but I kept putting it off. I’d love to hear some realistic buy advice here. Thanks! 😊
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DaveTrades01/07/2021 21:30
I honestly think your best bet is to wait and see if there will be a pullback on Monday after the Nio day event is over. Everyone will be selling the news unless they have something game changing that no one is expecting. If a selloff occurs, Monday could be just the beginning of a multiday selloff. Wait for it to find a bottom before buying in. Buy the rumor and sell the news is pretty solid advise from my experience.

ashlaureenphoto01/07/2021 22:12

Thank you so much for your input! I’ve heard that before, too, and am continually learning how to implement it.


YAMNS01/07/2021 21:28
Dude any day u can buy, just make ur supports n resistance, its very volatile its always going to consolidate throught rhe day, week, month ect. never say imma wait for a Certain date. Wait for a certain entry. n aways have an exit too. So much too it .

ashlaureenphoto01/07/2021 22:13

Thanks for the advice! I’m still fairly new to this, so it’s good to have this long-term perspective you’re speaking to.


GeoAris01/07/2021 21:27
why wait should of bought it

ashlaureenphoto01/07/2021 22:15

Thanks for the input, Captain Obvious. 🤦🏻‍♀️ lolz


WayKuhlerThanU01/07/2021 21:26
I agree to wait till after NIO day if you don't have a position already, there will more than likely be a sell off/profit taking on Monday, I myself am debating letting my position go end of day tomorrow and buying back in on monday/tuesday

ashlaureenphoto01/07/2021 22:16

Thanks for your advice! Seems to be that waiting for Monday is key here.

Madiha Wali01/07/2021 21:48

how much do you think the dip will be on monday/tue? plus at what point are you planning to sell tom?


📈 heyitischris 📈01/07/2021 21:25
Maybe a dip in AM but u shouldve bought in a while back

ashlaureenphoto01/07/2021 22:17

Well, obviously, yes. 🤪


Richard Cargil01/07/2021 21:23
I'm sure there will be a decent dip tomorrow to buy into


Cod***com01/07/2021 21:22


syr***com01/07/2021 21:22
I wouldn't buy before NIO day this weekend. Wait til after. Look what happened on Tesla's battery day. Tesla had good news and everyone sold after battery day

ashlaureenphoto01/07/2021 22:19

*Seems to be... = I’m learning that...

ashlaureenphoto01/07/2021 22:18

Oh, interesting about Tesla. Seems to be that when companies have big news, prices rise and people sell, dropping them back down. Good info to know! Will follow it...thanks!


cap***com01/07/2021 21:20
tomorrow will likely dip last hour tomorrow due to news on nio day saturday


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