01/07/2021 23:30

$NIO Inc. hello, im new to investing. im watching stocks and crypto. i have a good amount to invest. ive been saving for the past 2 years. i know of a few good stocks to invest in this is one of them. but I'm also watching crypto, ethereum as an example looks great. what percentages should i go between stocks and crypto? i like both, although crypto looks amazing to be honest.
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βœ…VinnyLogzπŸ’°01/07/2021 23:51
Start small considering you admit you have no experience , also EVERYTHING is at all time highs right now, everyone needs to be careful bc of that. You gotta learn the markets natural ebb and flow.
Study and educate yoursrlf everyday, concentrate more on that then actual investing.

dun***com01/08/2021 00:04

also, what percentage is small?

dun***com01/08/2021 00:03

thank you, is there anyone i should look to for the ebb and flow of the market? honestly my excitement is through the roof. i wored hard to save but i also want to be smart about this.


rom***com01/07/2021 23:34
So nio is amazing to go into also NIU is really good the eletric vehicle scene is really good currently and so is crypto but the biggest thing id say is do your research make sure that the stock is in a profitable market and make sure the company itself is not Broke of in debt its all about reading

dun***com01/07/2021 23:42

ok, ill i really want to do this right. thank you. everyone has helped. i have a lot of work to do it seems. i really do appreciate everything from everyone.


200***com01/07/2021 23:34
Whatever you want tbh. If your going long term, stock etfs are probably the best route. Other than that i would spread out your portfolio but do more stocks than crypto because all cryptos go up and down together

dun***com01/07/2021 23:38

that's very interesting, thank you


BurnRate01/07/2021 23:34
Being brand new with no instinct or knowledge of specific companies and how their stocks respond i would be super technical .. the best answer is to research the greatest hedge funds and mimic their allocation .. they are holding billions for a reason..

dun***com01/07/2021 23:38

I'll look into it. thank you


TrendRider01/07/2021 23:34
start small and only use 10% of your capital first so you learn how to trade and how it feels to be green or red. next find a broker and ask him to invest the rest of your capital. learn as much as you can until you're pretty consistent or figure out what works for you. it takes like a year or 2.

dun***com01/07/2021 23:39

thank ypu


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