01/08/2021 23:00

$NIO Inc. Wanna know why i want a sell off monday or next week?

Cause on the four hour thatll be the biggest fattest cup and handle and then we can moon. But with the bad news and iffy stimulus now and high rsi on monday it needs to ease into that handle. This company is amazing, heck i might even move to Japan and buy one, but she pumped up right now.
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mic***com01/08/2021 23:04
I was reading lockdowns in japan and wrote japan 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


mic***com01/08/2021 23:04
LMAO shanghai china


ber***com01/08/2021 23:03
is Chinese, not japan company.

mic***com01/08/2021 23:03

My bad


MagicMattyIce01/08/2021 23:02
Nio Day is priced in for sure. I don't see it mooning after it's ramped up all week for Nio Day.

MagicMattyIce01/08/2021 23:07

we already basically know what Nio Day will be. New Sedan, New battery, international expansion. We went from $40 to $60 in less than a month because Nio Day rumors. Now that it's tomorrow what else is going to hold it up? It's priced in.

BigDaddyCush60301/08/2021 23:04

hahaha. wrong.

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