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01/09/2021 00:56

$NIO Inc. ask yourself this question, who is going to buy nio after its big Nio day that doesnt already own it? Are there really that many people who are 50/50 on this stock and are going to use nio day as theIr determining factor wether or not to iniate a NEW poisiton? Some of you about to find this out the hard way. It does not mean the stock wont be worth 150 some day but you will see this lower by 10-15% before you see 150
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EV Options 🤩01/11/2021 20:45
This didnt age well


321****25201/09/2021 02:50
social media hype along with news outlets and approval from the goats. thats why more people will buy it. trading is psychology as well not patterns alone. nio is special, we just had a w pattern on the daily this is going much higher. your welcome


slosurfin01/09/2021 01:19
I agree, buy the hype, sell the news... tommorow is news day. Combined with being in an overbought state, I think we're do for a pull back. I sold a third of my position at close, ready to buy more on the dip, or lose a bit on a continuation. I think it drops Monday and or Tuesday. Then I'll buy more.

BDugs01/09/2021 01:28

Im with you, looking for some good dips monday/tuesday, holding a single put through news as a yolo if it gets beat down hard on monday when Nio day hype is over. stock is up 20% in a week


Survy01/09/2021 01:16
Baby 👶


anthi-lyph-ikwaizun01/09/2021 01:05
man, you sound like an extremely desperate bag holder


Virgo💥Oort01/09/2021 01:00
I and many others are long. This is part of the process. It is expected, along with the unexpected. This is the fun part of capitalism where even the kids can play.


bad***com01/09/2021 01:00
lmaoooo genius reply. a new sedan is nothing to sneeze at.


Von Allen01/09/2021 00:58
who tf has been buying tesla then genius?

mic***com01/09/2021 02:20

Nio isnt tesla

Panda01/09/2021 01:00

Gotttt himm


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