01/09/2021 22:13

$NIO Inc. both times i was calling for a selloff it happened 🤷‍♂️ not cause im a bear but because of charts and the news. Bulls charge when they see red, i dont see red so im not charging this stock yet. Needs healthy pullback not from political news.

The problem is yall like demS and repubs...puts and calls... were all on the same team but everyones too selfish to try and see the other sides reason
NIO Inc.-0
NIO Inc.-1
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843****33301/09/2021 22:26
Those puts are currently worth $49 each. You/whoever is actually down $150 on the play. I suspect the other puts are much different than the screenshot as well

mic***com01/09/2021 22:38

I screenshot before i sell, why would i hold such OTM calls

mic***com01/09/2021 22:32

Wednesday and friday

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BabyJuice01/09/2021 22:25
Stock only go up🙄


Axe Capital01/09/2021 22:20
Some people refuse to see the other side bEcause they truly believe stocks only go up. they can’t picture even in their wildest dreams Seeing nio stock under 50 ever again lol. This is a great market to make moNey but all bull marKets come to an end and these newbs are going to have to learn how to make money in a bear market

mic***com01/09/2021 22:31

I was once there so i understand. I bought in a minute before a drop everytime. But being able to listen to warnings, take them into account, make a decision and move from there is what helped me.

They are cultish and it is scary. And they probably want an easy life and therefore will live a hard one.

Even you!! Months ago you said bearish stuff on a stock and i thought “how could it go down to that priceits so high up?” but i learned the hard way. Now i feel im better at recognizing


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