01/10/2021 08:24

$NIO Inc. hello guys. I am a new trader that started a road to 1million account with a free stock giving to me by webull. The cost was valued around 5.40 at the time. I want to embark on this road to 1million journey without adding any money to the account. Do you guys think it is doable to start from $5.40 to 1million? How long will it take? Pls this is where I need you guys help. I need y'all to go on this journey with me and be my eyes qnd ears on any stock ready to breakaway or any stock oversold. Once I reach 1mil dollars after tax, I will use the money to build a free hospital and a school in the poorest country in Africa. To be my eyes and hears pls follow me, tag me. Thank you
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Cash01/10/2021 10:42
liar, you can't get free stock without putting in 100.00 can't trust someone not honest.

Ola***com01/10/2021 11:30

it's a no brainer tbh

Ola***com01/10/2021 11:29

i withdrew it


P01/10/2021 10:01
watch out for all those scammers


leo***com01/10/2021 09:24


zaid01/10/2021 09:03
it's almost impossible, but it will be possible if you find the next tesla otherwise your dreaming ...


⚑Saiko Chikara⚑01/10/2021 08:59
if you double (2x) each trade from $5 to $1,000,000, it will take you 18 trades. Each trade needs to DOUBLE your initial investment. You could do that in 1 year IF you FIND all the perfect stocks each time during the year. Easy

Jordu01/10/2021 09:07

yeah so basically do it with options for the ez dub


Nayash Deys01/10/2021 08:29
I ratee it guy krep going


MR601/10/2021 08:28
Who in the hell does this kid think he is?


moist qunt01/10/2021 08:27


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