01/11/2021 15:36

$NIO Inc. people need to stop comparing thjs to tesla and if you bought thinking it will rise like tesla then I feel bad for you. tesla is years ahead. and tesla already had multiple means of revenue and nio is a ev car company period. and nio depends heavily on other company and thr biggest part is their battery. nio really has no innovation of its own and is really riding other ev waves.
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Archive01/11/2021 15:45
You should look at their interiors their 20x better than tesla’s


Pump it 📈01/11/2021 15:43
150 kWh battery .. 600 mile range... 2x that of Tesla.... they're supercomputer chip is 7× more powerful than teslas thanks to $Nvidia do your research newb

Jma01/11/2021 17:36

oh you mean battery they buy from the same company as BMW, Mercedes and tesla. the first sedan they said woukd have the battery won't ve delivered with ot because its not ready yet but he car would. i could understand if it was their own proprietary battery but Nope they are the last on the totem pole. so if your bragging about something that another company makes, in which nio is not their priority then you win. let's just make sure no one ever listen to you again since you don't do your DD.


daddytrader6901/11/2021 15:38
woahhhhh id say they r behind... but no innovation? they announced lidar before tesla, pioneered the battery swap, and even elon said the chinese companies r big competitors

Jma01/11/2021 17:41

tesla doesn't use lidar!! elon hates it with a passion, he says its a waste of space snd its ugly. plus lidar is hardly innovation, its been around a while way before nio. nio didn't event it, all it did was take the idea that was being done by dozens of car companies already using it. do your DD before you start typing..tesla is at minimum 3 years ahead of everyone else in term of battery technology no one is even close.


WindLooper01/11/2021 15:37
ok buddy see you at 70 by Friday


Slick Rick01/11/2021 15:37
i bet you felt smart writing that 🤡

Bearattack™️01/11/2021 15:40

Sound like trump...

Bearattack™️01/11/2021 15:39

He’s heavily in Nikola calls 🤡

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