01/12/2021 10:34

$NIO Inc. Comment section, everybody on here against each other! While millionaires work together and laugh at you guys! Get it together morons!! The comment section is there new daily comedy section they read everyday! Working together is called unity, something the governments hate! Cause unity is power!!!! Wake up!!!! Just like black people, When they stand government kneel, cause they worK together! thats power unity!! Idiots!!! BLM Is huge everywhere in the world, they got my respect!!!unity creats power and sharing true knowledge creats wealth!!
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geo***com01/12/2021 11:21
you see. you just started a riot because of your posting. 🤣


Rain01/12/2021 11:17
ur right we should burn down webull


wwwCarbonDioxideRecyclers01/12/2021 11:11
you want us to all work together, while the corporations take market interferences against each other and try to beat each other out by the market share. you should be telling us to act more like wolves than sheep. don't be a follower be a leader. take market interferences against others based on what you know not some guess that you have or a gut feeling but the facts. that's how companies get ahead against each other, and that's how you should get ahead against other traders. use this comment section as your dart board and make the biggest dumbest trader out there your target. as far as black lives matter, who gives a s*** about that, this is trading where account balance is matter and it's yours versus the world.


918****19901/12/2021 11:05
no shit , never seen the likes of it, all here to make money, nobody understands ,


geo***com01/12/2021 10:55
I don't think many millionaires care for a trading app and read comments. they ll use a broker n manage all their portfolio. the reality is millionaires or dollar people are always going to be a bear or a bull. Even Jim Cramer recently said he was against Tesla (bearish) n tesla stock proved him wrong. what insider millionaires do get is know a ceo of a company and tell them how their company will report news and earnings. unfortunately that unity for them and its never going to be unity for the rest of us. unless All the ceo start commenting the inside in this comment area, we are never going to treated fair n always have to play the stocks base on our own knowledge, skill or gut feeling. About BLM. All lives matter. BLM actually separates us which contradicts your message. All lives matter, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hispanics, Etc and White to. your message should be stop racism. we are all created igual. unify us don't separate us by your message. But classify us for respect wether we are a day trader, bear, bull, inexperienced or very experienced.


Lucas01/12/2021 10:45
Sir, this is a Wendys

Swordman0D01/12/2021 10:51



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