01/13/2021 00:56

$NIO Inc. If any of you want to make a shit this year this is my plan.. realistically speaking i see NIO hitting $300 in a years time, especially with democrats in power

I would buy leaps on this meaning buy Jan 2022 $100 calls! Start out with 1k, and each time theres a big dip add another $1000 until you reach 10k

If NIO hits price target at $300, you will make 1500% risk free

Meaning you will come out with 150k profit off a 10k investment

Nio grew 1000% in stock price this year, i think it can do it again this year.. meaning $500

That would be a quarter mil off 10k.. very low risk, very big reward

Let me know your thoughts
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All Comments(7)

🧨CKelch🧨01/13/2021 03:21
Very smart!


voi***com01/13/2021 01:47
There was a guy on Wallstreet bets (I know, right?) Who put like 100k+ in Nio shares and long calls a year ago. Last I checked he was at 1.8mil. Before Nio day.

With proper research into high growth areas, you must follow conviction. I learned this with Plug today. Had 40 shares at 5.10 back in June. I've kept up with the stock with swings, but nowhere near what I would have had.


Paul Roseland01/13/2021 01:22
Good advice


Orochi01/13/2021 01:11
did i give you that idea with my leaps 😉 i think 300 is too optimistic but hey i wont complain if it does


Millions 01/13/2021 01:04
I think 200 is reasonable

Houdini01/13/2021 01:06

analyst predict 300.. i also see it happening but even then still huge gains


nic***com01/13/2021 01:00
Easy money. I think this is a solid company to bang that play with.

Houdini01/13/2021 01:06



mag***com01/13/2021 01:00
exactly what I'm doing , buying as much long calls as I can, I dont even have to touch my nio calls or shares and ill still be good.

mag***com01/13/2021 01:08

Exactly and I just started buying those long calls, Nio has made me 100k+ yeah it might go down and puts will make money but overall if you don't need that money and can just hold its going to payoff huge.

Houdini01/13/2021 01:06

Very nice! Im starting a position to do this starting tomorrow! Will try to accumulate 10-20k by then on each dip


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