02/19/2021 11:35

$NIO Inc. Honestly this stock should be like $10 TOPS I've played it before but even when I have and made money off it I just laugh because it's so unreasonable it has a bigger market cap than GM and does over 100x less revenue.

Just keeping it real. I'm sure some of you will be butthurt about this comment but you all know I'm right.

Tesla is way overvalued also but at least Tesla does other things and is in multiple countries. NIO price tag is absurd and unjustified. Period. Cracks me up how people say shit like this should be 70 or 80 by now wtf and cry. Morons.
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All Comments(7)

alb***com02/19/2021 12:08
Lol u really know nothing about the company. I hope you short it and make some ”money”.


RPTHEGWAY02/19/2021 11:42
Lol so much butthurt. People hate the truth.


Sumatumawhiteboy02/19/2021 11:41

why aren't you buying?02/19/2021 11:58

80,000 last year 130,000 projected this year

RPTHEGWAY02/19/2021 11:43

Yeah I'm a bum because I don't think a company that sells 17,000 cars a year at best should have a 80+ billion dollar market cap..lmao


jam***com02/19/2021 11:38
Go back to gamestop bub.


why aren't you buying?02/19/2021 11:37
yea your outdated. missing the big picture. this is about the future.


Latstuh02/19/2021 11:37
I agree


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