02/22/2021 12:28

$NIO Inc. all these "ItS bIDenS FaULt" retards make 0 sense. first he loves china and is in bed with him....then its his fault the stock is dropping. get a life. maybe its the fact that 5 trillion was pumped into the markets and really shouldnt have been. we claim to be a free market capitalist society but sure as hell bail out the markets and big companies at the blink of an eye. not really sounding like free market to me? i guess the markets are sposed to go up every single day. you all are called fair weather traders. if you cant take a few red days without blaming people, get the hell outta the markets.
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notSheepable02/22/2021 13:14
Iit is bidens fault. this guys a moron . gg to the braindead soyboys who voted him in.

jak***com02/22/2021 13:58

Youre a scumbag you dont deserve to be part of our country

jos***com02/22/2021 13:17

care to que us in on how? or you just another trump loving sheep? lets here some data here.


Jabner02/22/2021 12:39
I think people know its not his fault, you are missing the point. trump got blamed for everything from the far left. So now they are just showing you guys how dumb it sounded when you blamed Trump. That being said, it is 100% not bidens fault, the fault belongs to all his supporters. But you cant even get mad at his voters, most of them are dead and the others are not actually from this country and couldnt legaly vote.

jos***com02/22/2021 13:17

lol idk, read these replies. these people are fair weather as shit.


Billionaire Trading 02/22/2021 12:37
you characterizing people as "retards" doesn't help your argument, btw. this epitomizes the bias in politics that have blinded people's objectivity. making a simple observation doesn't make people "retards"


why aren't you buying?02/22/2021 12:36
honestly nailed it bud. most of these people are just normal people who can troll with no consequences here and pretend to be whoever they want. their the ones depositing half their paycheck every week because they make do many bad trades

Billionaire Trading 02/22/2021 12:40

very speculative assumption... look at the market for the past two weeks and look at the reasons for the drops. then you will understand it's been mainly political. now enjoy all your speculative personal attacks because some people actually know what they are talking about


BigGains!!02/22/2021 12:33
it's Biden's fault


Crash It02/22/2021 12:31
spoken like a true "genius" 😒


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$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. Hit the like button if you're holding. What was your buy in?

#Options Trading #WEBULL TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY Baby Bull 03/05/2021 21:05

What a week! I had to average down aggressively on the tickers I am holding such as
$Triterras, Inc. , $Aprea Therapeutics Inc , $Ebang International Holdings Inc. , $Tyme Tech and I used almost all trading strategies I explained in my posts and emails. it was a rough week.

Then I decided to trade /scalp "safe" options from $TESLA just to make up on my portfolio. I am happy to share that I made 120% today on my day trading portfolio.

I don't want to show off or even to show how much I made but would like to encourage you that even with bad volatile days you can do more than that. I wasn't using all the money in my portfolio on TSLA's options , In fact I only used 30% on the portfolio money at each given time.

Please be encouraged and make sure that you develop your trading skills to make profitable trades. I had also rough week on my long term and I had to do rough decisions at few of them just to average down and break even. I exited 6 long term tickers and kept 7 of them. I am holding 9 tickers in my investment portfolio

have a great weekend everyone ✌😎

Twitter and Instagram : TheStockDataStockdata 03/05/2021 23:22
$AMC Ent Holdg Not to mention #SaraEisen is a racist bigot apparently. #CNBC just refer to one of our biggest share holders as “The Chinese”. They have a name, it’s Wanda. Which our leader corrected her on perfectly. Let’s get #CNBC and #SaraEisen to use their massive platform to apologize to you AMC share holders. Let’s keep AMC in the media. More attention is great attention!$GameStop $NIO Inc. $Genius Brands $Naked Brand $Castor Maritime Inc $Zomedica Corp $Zomedica Corp $XPRESSPA GROUP $Nokia Effect 03/06/2021 00:20


Take a sigh of relief, boys- we’ve weathered the storm!

I forecast blue skies and moon landings in the future.

Today, the DOW spiked nearly +2%
Circuit breaker shit. 💥🚀⭐️🇺🇸

I prepared for yesterday and today by having ample BP to open and avg down on LONGS.

Im happiest about getting
$ARK Innovation ETF at 116. And SOXL at 32. SOXL is a 3x Semiconductor ETF. this thing is a A+ tier long at this level imo.

Didnt get my target low on $SOS Limited or $FuelCell Energy
Or $NIO Inc. .:( DEF SHOULD HAVE SOLD OUT OF FCEL and rebought way more at 13ish low. Unhappy with gettiNg too few SOS.

Missed the boat on $Castor Maritime Inc load up. 😭

Adding 3 $TESLA around 609.28 at 3:01AM, monday morning for a cool 633ish avg. misplayed here by
A. Not reserving enough liquid after buying spree
B. Fell asleep and missed under 600 today
C. bought 2 at 720, 704 On the fake recovery

Shouldve followed my gut and loaded at least 5-10 $C3.ai, Inc.

$Palantir Technologies Inc. reluctantly admitting it was ok to avg around 24 but i still feel like missed the 23.5ish Bottom and i shouldnt have.

$Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc
Didnt do well here, shouldve avgd to 28.6

Let me know...

How you guys did?
Was our TA similar?
if you guys can recommend any adJustments!
If You need me to take a look at anything.

Looking to swing DOGE, $Bitcoin and ETH this weekend! Couple adds if possible on monday morning and playing the daily runners.

Then ill be looking to skim tops of my winners and reinvest in underperformers/overperformers as applicable DuckTrader 03/05/2021 23:11