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02/22/2021 22:37

$NIO Inc. If you were giving 80 billion dollars and you werE told you can either buy nio or gm which one would you buy? A chinese owned EV which delivered 50,000 vehicles last year or and American EV with brand names such as chevrolet, buick, cadillac, gmc, Onstar and AC Delco which delivered 7 million? Nio still highly overvalued. Put your money to use somewhere that actually deserves it.
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WastedSmarts02/22/2021 22:48
if I was given 80 billion dollars, I wouldn't give a shit about Investments. For what??? I got 80 billion dollars


binqk102/22/2021 22:47
I would put money in Technology! Gas vehicles will be phased out in 2035 California. Not sure about other states tho.

amc>=100002/22/2021 23:39

Everywhere, has vehicles are on the way out. and just having an ev in your line is not enough. They are lete to the party


StonksonlyGoUp02/22/2021 22:47
Gm? The company that went filed for bankruptcy in 2009 And had to get bailed out by the american govt using our taxpayer money? I wonder why they went bankrupt in the first place... hmmmm maybe because GM produced shit, low quality, non luxury, aesthetically terrible looking cars in compared to european and japanese vehicles. American cars lack quality control and only care about share price and sales and postinf a number vs actuallt producing meaningful and Quality products The people want. GM is a terrible company, speaks volumes that they wanted to partner with a scam of a company as nikola. FOH.


Max02/22/2021 22:44
Easy answEr .. i would buy a Nio e6..i want a EV Car that i can drive around town... telsa cars are ugly looking except for model S... GMC make bad ass Trucks and SUV.. #gas guZzle


BR0902/22/2021 22:43
I Would put my money where the technology is way ahead of GM.. Only good for Trucks

NIO all the way!!


Andy02/22/2021 22:38
Gm is garbage

binqk102/22/2021 22:45

Hahaha Exactly!


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