05/27/2020 03:55

$Nikola Corporation can someone tell me the history of this stock? what made it shoot up so dramatically? are we expecting it to continue to grow more or less? what would be a good entry, if any at this point? thank you my friends, I appreciate all information and advice.
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All Comments(4)

beartransbull05/27/2020 08:32
entry 1.20 exit b4 3$


Sergio_GT05/27/2020 04:35
Is new stock that is based on ideas to compete with tesla but is not making any profits is only expeculation


ZAM05/27/2020 04:28
Expected merger with Nikola Motors on June 2nd. Hype and hype alone has made it shoot up so dramatically. Although some people may say that the preorders have something to do with it, but realistically the talk of “this is the next Tesla” is truly whats driving the price. I’ve been in since $19 but once the merger is finalized, the share dilution should bring the price down. How far is anybodys guess but I’m thinking somewhere in the 15-20 range. I, personally, will be selling what I own later this week and will look to buy back in after the merger. I do believe this is a good investment in the long run but make sure to do your own DD. Any talk of becoming, or even competing with, the likes of Telsa deserves a look and is probably a worthwhile risk. This is obviously just my opinion, others may disgaree - but the truth is nobody knows how this will turn out.

ZAM05/27/2020 18:54

Im going to wait until after the merger to stock up on shares as i believe they’ll be trading around that 15-20 range. I’d wait until then. I always go with the motto of “Buy the hype, Sell the news”. The other thing to keep im mind is that production of these trucks isnt expected until 2021, on a limited scale, and major production in 2022. So i also think that long waiting period will cause the price to fall, giving us ample opportunity to jump in at a good price. But again, just my thoughts.

Rindy05/27/2020 04:36

Nicely put, I have the same plan. I currently have a limit order for 25 @ 25.5. Thoughts? To high?


Rindy05/27/2020 04:21
I set my limit to 25.5, theres still a potential benifit buying now (current price). This blank check company will be (hopefully) merging with Nikola Motor Company June 2nd.

gri***com05/27/2020 05:52

im thinking it wont drop that low for some time. 26/27 maybe, but it should bounce around the current trend channel until june 2nd.


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