09/11/2020 03:37

$Nikola Corporation reading the comments and this is absolutely crazy.. are people this naive or just assume nothing will ever happen? this company is going to make elon musk look like orville and Wilbur wright one day.. like thanks for the idea , design and you will be apart of hitsory but we will take it from here. tesla is way over priced you are all placing all of his eggs in one basket.
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Bullgator9609/11/2020 05:58
check the lawsuits that are coming Trevor's way for deceitful practices. do some research before you look like an ass. oops. too late.


bre***com09/11/2020 05:31
you can't be serious. I'm not even gonna stop you, buy it up for a steal my man!

but it's gonna be sub 30 by end of month


ClevelandTrader09/11/2020 04:12
Yeah, there's a bunch of short sellers and tesla tards that are so but hurt that a major manufacturer of automobiles with over 100 years of experience is gonna trample their POS tesla automobile... Well they are right. They gonna get steam rolled over. GM was making electric cars before most of these millenials were born... They are just too naive and dumb to know about it. Funny thing about millenials is, they think the world started when they were born.. Totally self absorbed in their own ideas and world.. They know better.

Bullgator9609/11/2020 06:02

you're an idiot. where are all their electric cars. geez no wonder the Bengals, Browns and Cavs suck so bad. is everyone in Cleveland as stupid as you are??? tesla, pos?? you've never even seen one up close have you? crawl back under your rock.

bre***com09/11/2020 05:34

I hope you know that this is gonna tank so hard. you do know that Trevor Milton is a con man right? 🤭 sell before you're screwed

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⚔︎☠︎⚔︎09/11/2020 04:07
Tesla was always overpriced ,hydrogen is the way to go but batteries are cheaper to make.

Doc185109/11/2020 05:53

At the moment batteries are cheaper. Plus In the US there‘s little infrastructure for hydrogen production. I’m no scientist but i believe breaking down fossil fuels into hydrogen requires pricey catalysts. Once they can figure out how to scale the breakdown of water Into hydrogen, then it may become cheaper than batteries.

I’m blue shad09/11/2020 05:31

You think batteries are cheaper to make than hYdrogen? Well no.

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