09/11/2020 16:03

$Nikola Corporation Hindenburg has a track record of attack pieces like this that have no validity but aim to drive down stock price and cause shorts to profit. how can you call milton a liar while standing next to and quoting one of the biggest liars in the industry? For everyone quoting hindenburg why don't you quote the end of the article where they expressly state that they hold shots in Nikola and stand to profit by the decline off he stock. yes they literally say that at the end of the article.
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Pauly D09/11/2020 16:07
Yes that is how they make money as a company... lol hows that hard to understand. However if proven false then theyll be sued and lose all profit so most likely the majority of what they said is factual.

Merc09/11/2020 16:12

wow with that lack of brain function you might actually be Pauly. if a company makes money off of shorts and it's not illegal to make up something like this to drive stock price down then why wouldn't they do it? they stand to make more money from a hit piece released strategically after the gm news then they would lose in litigation.


Spicytiger09/11/2020 16:04
Then Nikola should post some sort of video or proof of any working models they have, Instead they lawyered up

Merc09/11/2020 16:17

ofcourse they lawyered up. smart corporate tactics aren't what spicytiger from bum f**k nowhere decides they are. since your here though spicy tiger Im really curious to know why people who have not stocks in nkla are everywhere throwing shade at the company. I understand shorts coming in and trolling due to the profits they are making. are understand longs coming in to defend the company. can you explain your interest here?


ibn***com09/11/2020 16:04
he is right 8/10 times. most recent was lucking when he called the fraud at 40 dollars and its low was 1 dollar after that and delisted

Merc09/11/2020 16:09

8/10 is a huge over exaggeration. also it was muddy waters that exposed luckin and not hindenburg


Jas***com09/11/2020 16:04
try viewing the report

Merc09/11/2020 16:05

if I read the verbage at the end of the report doesn't that stand to reason I've read the report


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