09/11/2020 18:40

$Nikola Corporation okay buying more..... what do you think those nice juicy burgers in the McDonald's commercials are real. every company does Little things to their products when they're on display. and I'm so sick of hearing that his factory isn't built yet.... he said it would take a year come on stop being so impatient. oh yeah and as far as technology he said he teamed up with GM so he could start building with parts that were already certified and tested. if he has patents and technology it's obviously not certified or tested yet but doesn't mean it can't be in the future. this is a very young company with lots of potential but also lots of risk
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bra***com09/11/2020 18:43
I feel bad for retail morons like this guy who invest on emotion but you can't help them, let this guy get wiped out by going long on his ego.


Pauly D09/11/2020 18:42
šŸ˜‚ mcdonlds advertising a burger that they make millions of per day is not the same as nikola drawing a truck that they dont even have the means to create 1 yet

Pauly D09/11/2020 18:54

Yes i understand your point, but making something look more edible in an advertisement is not the same as advertising something that doesnt even exist

$āˆšĀ©Ā®ā„¢09/11/2020 18:46

the point is they don't make the burger they advertise the burger they advertise is fake non-edible companies do this type of stuff all the time.

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Simple Rick09/11/2020 18:42
This is you

$āˆšĀ©Ā®ā„¢09/11/2020 18:44

I do wear red cape but I don't know why you put it on a picture of your mom

Juliov09/11/2020 18:42

Stealing this pic šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚


Juliov09/11/2020 18:41
I stop reading after im buying more

$āˆšĀ©Ā®ā„¢09/11/2020 18:43

next time I'll use easier words or maybe draw pictures for you sorry it was too hard to keep reading


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