09/13/2020 22:25

$Nikola Corporation The more research i do aboiy nikola, the mpre fraud i find aboiy trevor milton. smh even elon musk says hydrogen powered trucks are not sustainable. elon musk went to stanford by the way for his phd and studied this type of shit. he didnt finish buy he studied enough to know this shiy whereas trevOr milton is a college drop out and never stuDy shit in college. what a snake oil salesman
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Vi B09/13/2020 22:30
really. ask Elon how long it takes to charge a 700kwh battery pack ...3hrs ? And if its fast charged the battery life is degraded. Long haul semi truck fleets are not plugging their truck in for 3hrs. Fuel cell refill , 15min. Fuel cells create energy, batteries consume energy and weigh a lot. The only thing that needs to happen is the hydrogen infrastructure needs to happen and mature.

Cst***com09/13/2020 23:45

Can't wait to buy those Tesla calls with the money from these NKLA puts

Cst***com09/13/2020 23:43

You apparently don't know shit about thermodynamics. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Please tell me how a fuel cell creates energy? Then take that argument up with the first law of thermodynamics.

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