Psychic Day Trades

09/14/2020 12:06

$Nikola Corporation Hindenburg is putting all his reputation on this...They could be wrong about certain matters..but there‘s gotta be a lot of truths in the mix.
$LK NEVER FORGET...if you long in this I would protect your investment until its all said and done.

So if the truck was driven and not place on the stage...how did that cable get there?🧐
Love the picture 😀 this is fun😂😂😂
Nikola Corporation-0
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Barbados196909/14/2020 18:18
Nikola is dead.


Pittsburght09/14/2020 15:01
y won't NIKOLA show a video of a running hydrogen motor its a really simple thing 2 refute..
also y did Gm not use the hydrogen technology only in the semi truck its selling Gm is sticking its battery n that truck y if the hydrogen battery is good y would NIKOLA agree 2 that..

also after the first year Gm can sell 33% of its shares.. which Gm know has a %11 stake thats a lot if shares.

finally the biggest red flag is Trevor Milton is no longer the CEO he has sold to many of his shares he is listed now on TV as a founder.. also there's some shady ness when u have 2 name your entire company after the inventor of another.

this is a very sketchy company the valuation is insane... to not have 1 vehicle thats even authorized by the DOT to travel on the road..

I hope they figure it out because oil is ridiculous and is destroying the climate. but there is to much marketing not enough substance at this point.

If u actually read the report it's pretty damaging..
its not a end of the company but they have a lot of issues 2 adrress.. we will find out the truth because the lawsuits and SEC are involved

Thewiz🧿🧙09/16/2020 10:59

company is a whole scam and now the DOJ is getting involved as of yesterday so question is what happens to all the people holding options? calls or puts for this stock if it gets suspended?? do you lose the premium paid? or does it get returned? and what about winnings or losses from the option trades we are holding currently

Psychic Day Trades09/16/2020 01:11

The more I look into it my head spins...7-8 vehicle’s in 2-3...”their tech is proven he says” but any engineer/physicist can tell you what he is saying is not achieved or possible. Where is the tech? You have a revolutionary tech and you going to have GM make it for you. Just look at the Volt data 2012 till now...basically no progress there. Why are you outsourcing everything? Tesla at 3 billion valuation had cars on the road. NKLA 12B no infrastructure...lost 88 million last year. Mess!


Psychic Day Trades09/14/2020 12:39
@Stud muffin 😂😂😂 are serious it already stuck! True/ False who cares fact is the stock tanked ”SHORTS” already won! You think we not taking profits on the way down...Big payday! Or you think shorts are holding a 100% of their positions going long until it drops to single digits 🤣? Common bro. Its too late damage done! It can go back up to $90 for all the shorts care.


Stud muffin 09/14/2020 12:16
You betting against becuase of very fuzzy picture that could be anything . You shorts just throwing shit to the wall and hope you get sonething that sticks

mic***com09/14/2020 12:35

like monkeys throwing shit at the zoo


PJ09/14/2020 12:14
What rep hindenburg is shit

Psychic Day Trades09/14/2020 12:41

Shit I agree...did the stock tank and shorts banked...undisputable! So who won NKLA or Hindenburg 🧐.....let me think!!! 😖😖😖


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