09/15/2020 04:28

$Nikola Corporation I been trading for 9 years now and I can tell alot of the noise here is coming from noobs. I will only say this once! This entire "roller coaster ride" is just a big game of a play on words!! Hindenburg is not stupid neither is GM nor the SEC. Each party has an onus to do DD prior to making a statement and now the SEC is saying they are "looking into it" but what they really are doing is finding a way to get in on the gravy train by penalizing either or both parties for any minor slip ups in the wordings they may have used. To be clear, NKLA does exist and they do have future goals big ones but Hindenburg found a leak that had to be exploited at the most opportune time which was right after the GM deal pop. Hindenburg already had that article written out weeks ago but they were waiting for the GM deal to go through. The world is not what you and I perceive it to be so in order to truly understand it you have to think like animals sometimes! (this is just my opinion and this may or may not be accurate so please do your own dd)​
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All Comments(9)

Stock_equalizer09/15/2020 07:20
Nope fraud company, sell immEdiatly


jpa***com09/15/2020 06:41
well said, but these Robinhooder noobs don't understand how smart people make money, they think its done in these chat rooms 😂🤡


BadCall09/15/2020 05:48
That doesnt matter... if he is found guilty of lying to investors about a functioning truck in order to have them invest (which he did) it is enough grounds to delist the company. He did this over and over and over again not just once but more than 5 times. That isnt just a fluke its a habitual lying manipulative owner.

slapthatassk09/15/2020 05:56

nobody going to delist anything. do you know how hard it is to get delisted? how long have you been trading? listen, these people arent idiots. There is wayy too much demand for NKLA for it to be delisted. TSLA is a cash cow for brokers and the exchanges and this is the time for these types of companies to emerge


Nizi09/15/2020 05:40
What GM deal with NKLA on the news for days or was it published immediately. I dont think hindenburg could have known GM had a deal with them pending ro be signed Correct me if i am wrong

slapthatassk09/15/2020 05:49

they knew but could not take action on it because insider trading is illegal. in this case they had inside information on pending deal. but could only act on it after the deal was made public. the GM deal was the trigger they needed. in my opinion do ur own dd

Piffin09/15/2020 05:43

I think he means hindeberg was waiting for “any“ good news, so they could drop the hammer with a short and some bad news.


I'veGotTime09/15/2020 05:38
Nikola is as real as theranos. Game changing product!! how else theranos survived 10 long years and worth 9 billion. Fake it till you make it! Just don't get caught before the breakthrough... unfortunately the lies caught up before the breakthrough


tri***com09/15/2020 05:04
Sooo whats your position?

slapthatassk09/15/2020 05:12

long shares at 26 and long put with 25 strike expiry Friday


Sub2ero09/15/2020 05:01
Even NKLA is real, they clearly attempted to take shortcuts with lies. Many lies already exposed- about inverters, truck running on a road, and many many more
1 single lie is enough to show about a person representing a company
This is just too too easy to determine, just find different companies to invest and move on


and***com09/15/2020 04:48
food for thought


2709/15/2020 04:44


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