09/15/2020 13:21

$Nikola Corporation This stock is going up. Dont kid yourself. I never doubt the power of NKLa. Not saying its a solid company or a wise investment... maybe it is... But one this is for sure, this stock is a unicorn. Started the Whole merger hype around all the other stocks you see today. I wont be surprised if its back to 50 soon
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Kng***com09/15/2020 13:30
I think you forgot to put a period in front of that 50. I think you’re right! This stock wil, go back to $.50/share 🤣🤣


Pauly D09/15/2020 13:30
Bruh theyve been on the market for three months. Theyve proved absolutely nothing except that they are overvalued

Mastalee200009/15/2020 14:22

U guys all jump like monkeys instead of listening to what i say. lmao


AlbinoRhino09/15/2020 13:26
You know they are going down for fraud, they threatened a reporteR.... they lied to investors, companies, reporters, news agencies lmao....


Millions 09/15/2020 13:26


Sefes09/15/2020 13:25
It’s definitely going up... in flames. The next Theranos.


Moua09/15/2020 13:23
The next Tesla 💪


Lumo09/15/2020 13:22


Smo***com09/15/2020 13:22
lol you contradict yourself like 3 times in that statement


Karmiendo09/15/2020 13:22
Investors like you are brain dead

Mastalee200009/16/2020 16:37

Hmmm, wierd. nkla is positive.

Mastalee200009/15/2020 14:23

U guys all jump like monkeys instead of listening to what i say.


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