05/27/2020 02:06

$Nano Dimension ā€œ$NNDM is delisted off the TASE (Israeli market) as of 5/19/20. There are still shares that must be converted to US market. Conversion at the time is 1 TASE stock to 50 US Stock. The NIS to USD for the stock at the time of close on 5/19/20 is $1.68USD * 50 shares.

Look at where that number is evenly divided into share blocks:

$4 $3 $2.8 $2.4 $2.0

This is where both support and resistance is because they will buy and sell off excess shares to keep the split even until everything is converted. Hold your line and when the conversions are done, (5/29/20) we should see an unmanipulated market.ā€

May 29 is the big day guys šŸ¤‘šŸ¤‘šŸ¤‘ MAY 29!!!!!
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All Comments(6)

Manjeet05/27/2020 08:55
50 ordinary shares (TASE) are equal to 1 ADS. The last price of each share TASE is ILS 5.90 or USD 1.68


1EverForward05/27/2020 04:50
clarity please? only 2nd stock purchase..does this means that if I have less than 50 shares; I will have to sell, or be cashed out!?! My DD was lacking never considered conversion of TAS to USD.


Denzel Durden05/27/2020 03:26
awesome!!! Also MAY 29TH is something else big...

Kodrokos05/27/2020 03:40

Whoa Nice...did we just discover our liftoff date?! Friday is going to be exciting šŸ„³šŸ¤‘šŸ„³


Nika05/27/2020 03:08
sorry for noob question but does this I'm anyway dilute the shares?


Valiant Trading05/27/2020 02:36
true. The will get converted eventually and the new price of shares in circulation will be set.


Uncle Fill05/27/2020 02:08
oh wow that's interesting man, source pls?


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