Gordon Gekko

05/27/2020 10:07

$Nano Dimension At the end of the day you have to understanf the value and fundamentals of chart patterns and Public offerings and then accept the fact that those things are killing this stock. Hoping on future news is not a strategy, this is a Very Long hold brothers and sisters.
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musifur105/27/2020 11:35


MicheLee K Pi05/27/2020 10:12
I'm so new and ...wha wha what happened lol 😥🤧😳😳😏


Wizard05/27/2020 10:10
You clearly have no idea what you are talking about smh.

vip***com05/27/2020 10:27

4am to 8pm every single weekday baby!

yeah this guy is a bear. not a single bull ever will tell you you should give up or get out. what would be the point or the angle?

Wizard05/27/2020 10:15

Try reading this chart all day every day

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Wizard05/27/2020 10:09
What public offerings? Liar

Gordon Gekko05/27/2020 10:10

direct offering, sorry if that comment made you get a little emotional.


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