05/27/2020 23:23

$Nano Dimension The comment section is almost worth the $400 I've lost so far...
When this is over we should get together for a blowout party.... I'll bring the beer.
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EdgeofmyseatTwiceaWeek05/27/2020 23:56
I'll bring the lambos

Wilson05/27/2020 23:57

I like green


Guido3205/27/2020 23:47
I'm in!


irv***com05/27/2020 23:41
yes but bring a mask 🤣


ray***com05/27/2020 23:38
I'll bring the fam, so they can see other people who win when they act on data instead of emotion.


GreatCornholio05/27/2020 23:38
from bag holders to besties


and***com05/27/2020 23:35
Hell yeah! Find an open city and live it up. As long as we clean it up haha.


TenbaggeRs05/27/2020 23:33
I'll bring the chicks 😉


JTrader05/27/2020 23:26


Bobandy05/27/2020 23:26
Ill brIng the cheeseburgers!!!

Wilson05/28/2020 00:28

same, plus the coke👇

MoeDavid05/28/2020 00:12

This is what im coming for


dav***com05/27/2020 23:24
I'll bring the cocaine

WorstNightmare05/28/2020 00:40

hell yes!!

Texas305/27/2020 23:58

🤣🤣🤣 that was legit funny

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💫✨💫✨💫05/27/2020 23:23


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