nate05/30/2020 14:56

$Nano Dimension This week alone i have increased my holdings to over 1000 shares and will not sell this stock. ive given myself a 60 day hold which is about 38days till next earnings. i believe we are early

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jen***com·05/30/2020 21:00

Thats where I am at with this stock as well. Hensoldt is the military division of Zeiss Optik...seeing their name involved was what attractred me to this stock when it was .80 I made my money on the big spike, and went back in with profits.....still holding bags due to that decision...as well as having trading halted 5 times in a day, incorrect news posted by Benzinga, a direct offering, and a voluntary delisting from a foreign exchange......all attracting scalpers, day traders, short sellers, and algo traders interested because of the volume/volatility. Im putting it in my back pocket, not looking at it, and waiting for the inevitable........I feel much better that they are moving to the US and now have the backing to actually market and sell something revolutionary.


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