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11/14/2020 20:37

$Nano Dimension To those who are with this stock for a while, I have a few questions.

1. Are you here for quick profit?
2. Are you buying because of ARK?
3. Are you buying because of company’s future prospect?
4. Are you bying because of potential buyout?
5. Or all of the above?

Please write the relevant number/s in your reply.

As of last Q3, their revenue is under 1 million. I am curious to know what is behind the hype. Thanks!!
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Tra***com11/15/2020 21:59
I am buying because this company is going to print the future. I day trade and this is one of the few companies I am holding for the long term


907****55511/15/2020 21:36
This stock and its manufacturing capabilities scream GROWTH! Dont try it..


ant***com11/15/2020 12:42
3 and 4


FlippinChickens11/15/2020 11:56
2** always follow the money. let them do the research, because one will always remain. rich people only spend money because their confident they'll make more


thompsign11/15/2020 09:17
also all of thee above. i believe in the tech and the company but I'm only aware of them because of ARK.


thompsign11/15/2020 08:46
I'm in it for as long as it takes to hit my sell limit, which is 30


Cayeehhh11/15/2020 06:35
Love the question!
Here for the long term.
Ark is the reason I did any research.
Pulled the trigger because I believe 3D printing is the future. I think it could one day replace certain parts of bulk buying. You make a part when you need it with no wasted parts or time.


kka***com11/15/2020 05:21
Not a lot of competition either, unless they start eying the larger metal structure 3-D printing market.


Max Profits11/15/2020 04:45
1M in revenues lol. that is trash


RaphaelDaGreat11/15/2020 00:42
#3 then #2 confirmed my choice afterwards


GrEEn_HoRneT \/ /\11/15/2020 00:02
growth opportunity for my future with all the DD I'VE done on the company, and to be quite honest I don't like working 9-5 I've been more successful in the stock market than I have with any job I've ever had, flipping money from day to day sitting on a couch researching companies and their potential is greater than dragging my ass out of bed to go to some job that I fucking hate! what's you're reason?

DaBullz11/15/2020 23:52



tho***com11/14/2020 23:04
I bought it because their 3d printing technology is amazing and the people who purchased it is probably not broke ass people like us.


Iinvestigateunow😆11/14/2020 22:26
yes they have designed and patented a 3D printer for high-end circuit boards that they sell to the customer in return the customer can eliminate the middleman as of up until now they've had to send out for the circuit boards doing them on site with this machine will save them a ton of $$$ definitely a serious game changer for the customers orders will start stacking up throughout 2021

iLikeTurtles11/15/2020 02:47

All true


682****94711/14/2020 22:26
This company has a crazy outlook. I dont see crazy profits coming our way for a while but i do know this 3D printing is the future.


JTrader11/14/2020 21:59
The stock swings beautifully for some great flips and the company has an extremely bright future.

Im always holding shares because the more DD I do the more I'm bullish on them. They hold the patent on the ink and process needed for extremely efficient prototyping of high end circuit boards.
Already working with DoD


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