Stock life

02/22/2021 21:16

$Nano Dimension For all of you very intelligent people who thought that the 1/2 a billion $ offering was not going to make this drop like AQB, looks like you were wrong. Oh and before you start crying about the whole market tanking, don’t bother. A lot of tech companies went up today, next time think for yourself instead of latching on to ARK’s every purchase for a quick $. FYI ARK bought majority of their shares for less than $4 so they can afford to add more shares, because they are already up over 300%.
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babygiraffe02/22/2021 22:09
it's doesn't matter how much they are up, they wouldn't buy if they didn't see more upside. and the nasdaq had its worth day in a long time. broad market selloff, same shit as usual.

Stock life02/22/2021 22:28

Yes you are right, it had nothing to do with the massive offering they did. Magic made this go down. Yep yep yep magic 🪄


Luk***com02/22/2021 21:56
I bought more I'm buying more ever day it dips

Stock life02/22/2021 22:10

More power to you, go for it, but keep in mind if they do 1 more offering within a month this will drop to $6 guaranteed. Then there will be no coming back from that because no one wants to own a company that keeps doing offerings


Noah02/22/2021 21:41
Oh look its another genius

Stock life02/22/2021 21:45

Does not take a genuis to figure out the direction a stock will go, when they do offerings non-stop and have no real revenue and the board is using the money to to make themselves rich and not imporve the company in any real way.


Profits allergy02/22/2021 21:33
Congrats? Im up 100 percent and i can afford to average up, good company with A promising future. ill hold

Stock life02/22/2021 21:38

No one is asking you to sell, but everytime you point out the obvious on here people curse you out and call you all kinds of terrible names. I just wanted to make sure they got to see with their own eyes how wrong they were and no amount of name calling is going to fix that.


mrv***com02/22/2021 21:33
💎🙌💎 yolo

Stock life02/24/2021 03:13

I wonder how far GME yolo 💎 🙌 got? Oh yea they all lost billions.


Scooter02/22/2021 21:25
If you buy something ARK buys, its to hold. They mostly invest long term. This will come back. Just not in a day.

Stock life02/24/2021 03:30

Long term, monthly offerings will land this below .01c. No one wants to hold a company that has no real revenue and is using the investors money to make themselves rich. No matter how revolutionary their tech might be.

Stock life02/24/2021 03:24

Tell me do you really think this will come back if they continue to do offerings every month and not use the money? Becuase they created a lot of new shares at their recent investors meeting and they have a history of doing monthly offerings. Their revenue is 200k-400k per quarter and they have been claiming for months now that the are acquiring other companies & after 3-4 months of searching still nothing? TSLA which actually needs the money does not do monthly offerings.


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