11/09/2020 21:22

$Nano-X Imaging Ltd. Today's press release is a clear indication that we are not going to get any updates on single source Nano.ARC. They sidelined it like it didnt exist at all. My guess says FDA has asked for more data and that might take many more months to provide. So be a bag holder until RSNA (that has equal chances of getting delayed or postponsed).
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All Comments(4)

👑 Benjamin Franklin 👑11/09/2020 21:47
bag holder....ive been swinging making big gains....you must have a bag and trying to put us in same boat....no thanks

theprofessor11/09/2020 22:34

you are the guy that bought almost all the dips until you went bankrupt. you are biggest bag holder than anyone here.


FreekEuphoric11/09/2020 21:46
also, RSNA is completely virtual this year so the odds of it being postponed or canceled are slim to none.


FreekEuphoric11/09/2020 21:45
and yet it was still up 7% at one point today.... 🙄


humbled11/09/2020 21:42
i don't agree with the speculation because if it was infact true, this would have tanked a lot. don't you think?

humbled11/09/2020 23:01

market was up 1300? I am out :)

theprofessor11/09/2020 22:33

Why tank? Its already have negligible volume. and market was up 1300 points. Read the 6k and decide yourself. they mentioned multi way in start and a small para on single source at the end with very unconclusive words


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let me write it 285000 dollars


Fukcing lozzzzers...

I am here for the next 2 years at least ..NO PROBLEM: I WANT TBIS STOCK TO GO TO 30 DOLLARS SO I CAN GET AT LEAST 2000 SHARES 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎MoneyNoHoney 12/04/2020 12:36
$WESTWATER RES Heads up... WWR is going to fly!

Guys shorts have literally thrown everything at this the last couple of months in an effort to suppress the shit out of this, If you subtract short sellers volume, inflow is absolutely destroying outflow. Shorts day is coming and its coming soon, they are going to have to cover. Short Seller Interest has been above 46% for over 3 months now. Thats insane for what was a few weeks ago a penny stock. Despite this the stock has still rose 100% in last 3 weeks. This stock is about to erupt, may be today may be Monday. But shorts can't suppress this forever. Daily volume is still good and it's costing them a fortune. We have been 3 days in red. I am expecting a launch today. May not happen, but feeling odds are in our favor considering we have held in 6s for 3 days straight. If it does run, the run is going to be big with shorts covering.

If you dont like my post, feel free to block me no hard feelings. Dont really care as your opinions don't pay my bills.

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