02/20/2021 14:03

$Nokia Everyone that has only been in Nokia for a few weeks hoping to get rich and now crying because you didn't do your research. Please save us the tears. If you are still boo hooing that means you are probably still holding. Instead of crying why don't you create yourself a plan that makes sense and helps you make money on the stock purchase or helps you get out losing less money! There are a few things you can do but crying isn't going to help your situation at all! I've been a buyer, holder and a seller of Nokia for years and yes it doesn't move like Tesla or Bitcoin but it does move on the right news and there are price ranges to buy and sell to make a return on your investment. 5G deployment is going to benefit Nokia (when and how much is the question). Give it some time and if you need help creating a plan message me and I'll help you figure out something for your unique situation. Over the next few years we will see price appreciation and probably a dividend reinstatement. If you are holding because you don't want to lose money and your waiting for it to go back up doesn't it make sense to add to your position? If your willing to hold at a higher price you should be willing to buy at a lower price correct? If you buy more shares at the lower price the stock doesn't have to go up as high to break even so you can either get out or make money! Do the math. If you buy 1 share at 10.00 then it goes down to 5.00 and you buy 1 more share at 5.00. You have 2 shares that cost you 15.00. If the stock goes up to 7.50 you break even. 7.50 X 2 shares = 15.00. Have a great weekend!
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ber***com02/21/2021 19:19
I have 8600 shares. unfortunately I paid high at the beginning and after i tried to low the average cost. now I am broken but my price is 4,83.
hope I did right in a long term

rob***com02/21/2021 22:48

Give it a few months if the price falls buy some more shares if you can. If the price holds here at this support level for a few weeks the stock price will probably start to move back up. It won't move far fast unless we get abnormal crazy volume. Don't stress over your position it is not bad just give it a little time. Over time if you just hold and average down when you can it normally works out. I believe 5.15 is a realistic price over the next 3 to 6 months.

rob***com02/21/2021 22:40

Nokia is a good company. They do have a few minor issues but they are working them out and they have the buildout of 5G on their side. Even if they get minimal market share they will do fine. They might reinstate the dividend also and if they do that you will receive a check every 3 months just for owning and holding your shares. If they reinstate the dividend it will also pull more investors to invest in Nokia which will move the stock price higher. Your 4.83 average cost basis is not that bad.


Da1***com02/21/2021 00:15
keep helping man you're doing great


Daddy02/21/2021 00:06
Me with sndl. Put 10k at 3.20 due to to a bad impulsive decision. Added 4k more at 2 and mondag hoping 1k at 1.5

I know where this is headed. I tell my Friends to add mayo if you served yourself a shit sandwhich. make misTakes hurt less

rob***com02/22/2021 12:45

Hold and average down when you can and when you feel comfortable. Mathematically everytime you average down you lower the price of break even and you raise your odds to get out of the stock faster and possibly make money.


Caesar Gorilla squad02/20/2021 22:56

rob***com02/20/2021 23:15

You are welcome!


coo***com02/20/2021 22:15
you said it... like Warren buffet's comment.
don't sell your house because someone else said its not worth it...

buy more if you have extra money, hold it if you don't.
increase your ask price.. let us all ask for ask 5$ or more and repeat the same as price goes up..
good luck everyone..

rob***com02/20/2021 23:15

100% Wise man!


Oracle02/20/2021 21:42
Use paragraphs man. Jammed too much in one.

rob***com02/20/2021 21:53

I'll try to do better next time!


aja***com02/20/2021 15:30
Your post helped me out alot... I'm not great at averaging down and your post explained this very well. I'm still learning


Lil Dicky02/20/2021 14:07
way to long to read but what a waste of time on your end lol. I speak for every one when I say SMD

Da1***com02/21/2021 00:15

"lil dicky" sounds like he has neither the desire to learn or help the person next to him smh

919****24402/20/2021 22:44

I disagree, you should share your knowledge, people who are truly interested will listen! 😁

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