09/14/2020 21:46

$Novan The sheer stupidity of certain people commenting on certain stocks. That is the real rocket, the real thing that blows peoples minds. Sometimes you all really sound like drug addict’s that need to get your fix because you’ve gone so long without it but in This case it is because you have lost so much money that you are lying to everyone just to see if maybe you can get a few bucks back
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DangerousDayTrader😉😎09/15/2020 10:39
Nice usage of big words Bandit....2 POINTS FOR Gryffindor!😂🤣


Bandit 10109/15/2020 10:29
Your sheer audacity at insulting anyone for making mistakes is beyond comprehension. Let's play a game, the password is empathy.

@REALdonaldtrump🇺🇸MAGA202009/15/2020 13:05



owe***com09/14/2020 23:52
That barely made sense


Insta 501.Brandon.G09/14/2020 22:09
Yore right haha because this is going back to the .30s


azu***com09/14/2020 21:59
You rIght


Bra***com09/14/2020 21:53
But seriously think this is a crapshoot?

DangerousDayTrader😉😎09/14/2020 22:12

What i think is irrelevant . what the data shows...at this time it is looking overly valued too quickly no matter what the good news may be.


Bra***com09/14/2020 21:51
If this company goes up 1 cents i can pay my bills for a few weeks

Bra***com09/14/2020 21:53

I do ok 👌

Bra***com09/14/2020 21:53

Pretty much lol

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