01/06/2021 17:44

$Nvidia If Apple bought ARM, all the analysts and firms would be praising it. Now Nvda is being investigated? GTFOH. If Nvda wasn't this innovative, their wouldn't be a GPU. Especially with all these real-life effects when it comes to rendering graphics. This is a trillion dollar company. Just look at Tesla. Most of it is driven by speculation..
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Apache Mechanic01/06/2021 19:09
Why is the not so great Britain investigating this deal? Don't they have a recession to deal with?

Blackgloves2301/06/2021 20:02

Exactly. Plus softbank is a Japanese firm too


Beer_Brigade 01/06/2021 18:03
100% agree with you. NVDA is the leader in the semiconductor sector. Buy this dip as the company is worth 3x what it's currently valued at. Buy and hold for the future my friend!

Beer_Brigade 01/06/2021 20:57

This is why I own both. They're both good companies and at the front of semiconductors. AMD can make huge gains from Intels continued self constructed implosion. They both have great management teams also which adds huge value. Team Green and Team Red!

Blackgloves2301/06/2021 18:09

Oh forsure. They are the leaders still even though AMD has turned it around as well. Nvda will crush Q4 earnings


JCeng101/06/2021 17:45
only a matter of time before all non believers fall

Blackgloves2301/06/2021 17:53



Blackgloves2301/06/2021 17:44


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