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11/12/2020 22:02

$Aytu BioScience I really really feel sorry for you guys and that's why I'm back one more time... if you guys want to salvage any of your money and double what you have in this corrupt stock AYTU, I'm going to suggest that you sell this stock and come to $InVivo this is@Legacy call... they dropped an offering of 80 cents and the stock plunged. it is sitting at 56 cents right now it will correct ,but most importantly is the Catalyst to come in the next week or two... chances are you will almost double your money if not triple it,if the conditions are right... again I am just trying to help and in the end I would rather somebody not make a Penny rather than lose a Penny
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eco***com11/12/2020 23:01
bought 300 more shares haha want more but in at .55 with 1850 maybe grab 200 more here at .56 other thwn that wait for a dip if there is one for another 1000

Slip Shot11/12/2020 23:04

Nice πŸ‘πŸ»

Slip Shot11/12/2020 23:03


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Sde***com11/12/2020 22:44
this will definitely jump, check my last post, all 4 I listed have pretty much the same set up

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MomentumSwing11/12/2020 22:11
Wow I just seen nviv because of your cross post.
WTF am I missing that looks amazing???

Slip Shot11/12/2020 22:12

just trying to help


Cueball11/12/2020 22:09
almost time. some people are extremely immature in these chats. their dad's should have beat them with a belt instead of feeding them soy.

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eco***com11/12/2020 22:07
this is a great tip actually guys invivo just found bottom at .53 now went to .58 get in now before the big jump I only got 1500 shares in it i should grab more at these prices


B-jUiCe11/12/2020 22:05
thanks, man.. I feel sorry for your mother but if u to get recoup what's left of your dignity u are more than welcomed to come and sleep over on deez nutz. Hit me up...lmk


Jos***com11/12/2020 22:04


mar***com11/12/2020 22:03


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$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. Im not rich by any means I invest what I can afford to Today so Far Is My Best Day Ever In the Market ! Let's all have a Blessed day πŸ™ Friend's and SNDL FamilySim***com 12/01/2020 11:52
$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. I honestly don't know what to do. I am just watching my money going down the drainblack lion 12/01/2020 16:05