01/12/2021 21:21

$InVivo Im all in here not like most who can avg down I did avg down as much as I could not a big investor like most of you have a total of 725 invested 618 shares at 1.014 just holding hopes for the best here . Yep I do complain and post alot I am very active.
It's okay bash away on me if you like
Hope we all see some nice gains moving forward.
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All Comments(6)

jrg***com01/12/2021 22:34


jrg***com01/12/2021 22:32
People over on the Jaguar health stock are not as friendly or helpful. Asked peoples opinion for the future with facts and got two comments both do the work yourself as if i hadnt already but other opinions and things i may not have read yet would have been helpful to me and others but what can ya do lol

Sim***com01/12/2021 22:38

Yeah there is alot of people who just care about themselves not helping others when they're able too


Greg01/12/2021 22:08
629 is a respectable investment! Here's to making some money together 🍻

Sim***com01/12/2021 22:17

Thanks bud 🍻


Hey CyΓ±orita01/12/2021 21:37
Don’t worry about the haters, they will choke on their hater-aid soon enough! Hold tight! ✊🏽

Sim***com01/12/2021 21:59

Thanks 😊 πŸ™


Sim***com01/12/2021 21:22
629 investment sry was mis click on 7

Sim***com01/12/2021 21:59

alright thanks sir yes I have 629 in my account πŸ™‚

danDAman01/12/2021 21:30

money is coming. dont buy hipe. look at your charts choose your entry. Be patient! dont focus so much on day or week charts if you have less then 20k in your account.


🧊Jmanlee2🧊01/12/2021 21:22
Lets get this bread 🍞

Sim***com01/12/2021 21:26

Yes let's do ! thanks for not bashing me most do .


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