01/09/2021 02:44

$NXT-ID okay for anyone interested in why this is affected by Bitcoin/Crypto read below...

Why Bitcoin Is Sending NXTD Stock Up

NXTD is heavily focused on mobile security, and cryptocurrencies, which run on the blockchain, are focused on the security of financial transactions, and other contracts, in simple terms anyway. ... FitPay creates contactless payment devices for Bitcoin owners.
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Spiderman01/09/2021 13:11
it follows dogecoin

661****82301/10/2021 15:19

Yes sir it does

Smitty01/09/2021 13:23

cool, thank you. I'll have to do some research on that.


SEK01/09/2021 09:26

Smitty01/10/2021 00:26

nice man 💯💯👍

Mark 01/09/2021 14:30

that may be, but thats why you trade it instead of holding it. i usually buy some on Friday night and set a sell order for 10% higher. usually sells before Monday morning. last weekend i had 20% gains from btc and doge. my sell orders on etc went through some time early this morning. and my buy on btc went through around 1am, and is up 5%.

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lazy01/09/2021 07:07
Fitpay sold to Garmin in 2019. U got scammed 😢

Smitty01/10/2021 01:15

oh you were responding to lazy.... that's not correct information. Just someone posting something they probably heard without doing due diligence lol

Smitty01/10/2021 00:49

I don't think I can post links in the comments, but I will try. But it's literally right on their website

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