05/27/2020 23:32

$OASIS PETROLEUM does anyone know how t ppl check with this company to see when they will start drilling again
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rookietrader05/28/2020 01:21
I'll give you a idea, I work in the oilfield,production isnt schedule till late winter to early spring next year. I wouldnt waste my money in oil stocks right now. bankruptcy a take it from you. and if u get a democratic president by chance. which is very slim, you wont see much going on next year either. will be importing oil again paying 4 dollar gallon gas. good luck be smart wish the best.

Don Corleone05/28/2020 13:22

😩👋<< patting you on back, "THERE THERE... it will be okay"

Escape Velocity05/28/2020 10:41


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dko***com05/28/2020 01:04
Investor relations on their website. Like all public companies, they can only give information as press release or SEC filings.

Even if they wanted to restart operations tomorrow they couldn't due to labor force... had to cut lots of jobs and they don't have the capital to hire back at the moment.

Also consider that the breakeven wti price for shale companies is around 40-45 (search around oilprice(dot)com for the benchmarks).

Right now they are in hibernate and survive mode and crossing fingers that no more defaults are triggered.


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