11/17/2020 01:52

$OASIS PETROLEUM It seems all current shareholders will be wiped out. Im not one to be bearish, but this doesn seem good!

On the effective date of the Plan, these shares of Oasis common stock will be canceled and extinguished in accordance with the Plan, and the Reporting Person will receive warrants to purchase shares of outstanding common stock, par value $0.01 per share, of Oasis, pursuant to and under the Plan.
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All Comments(7)

Man***com11/17/2020 06:01
can we see article three, or get a link to the source?


Man***com11/17/2020 03:33
so what's the effective date then?

jon***com11/17/2020 04:28

22 days or so from now. Could possibly happen sooner then expected.


Spivey11/17/2020 02:13
I can say with certainty tho that i will be going down with the ship....


Spivey11/17/2020 02:11
I guess if it goes to like .03 in the morning i will know you were right.... i have way more than i can afford to lose invested but i knew i was playing for huge risk huge reward

jon***com11/17/2020 04:42

You have 22 days or so before it emerges. It’ll be a slow trickle downward drop. Always good to be do research and pay attention to the reports that come out. Iβ€˜m new to the stock market starting this year, and learning all the trials and errors of everything I get myself into.


Spivey11/17/2020 02:07
I hope ur wrong


jmd***com11/17/2020 02:04


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