Justin Hoffman

01/05/2021 02:32

$Ocugen Inc i actually Just read through this article and holy shit bill gates actually gave them an 18 million dollar grant to actually create bharat biotech he legit paid to create bharat how can anybody doubt this now when someone like bill gates is the one who paid to create them do you really think he's going to let them fail
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IknowMyStuff01/05/2021 06:18


dun***com01/05/2021 05:48
I was thinking this vaccine sounded pretty good way better than the rna ones but now there is no way I'm getting it


Mike Forsht01/05/2021 04:38

Go and file a claim with finra. the lawyer their said if they get enough issues, they as well as sec will launch an investigation and if webull is found in negligence. they will file the suit.

just remember a " squeaky wheel" with no grease is still a squeaky wheel

please repost.

As a caveat, webull is also charging 5 cents when you trade out. might not see it because it is so small. but if your a daytrader it adds up


IknowMyStuff01/05/2021 04:30
justin your right, it is good news for your stock. Just when I hear his name my blood boils... I used to think he's this nice guy but now his true colors came out; talking about globalism, equality yada yada
Anyway good luck on your stock

Justin Hoffman01/05/2021 05:05

and also just let me say no worries we're all entitled to our opinions and you have yours I respect that I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors have a good night man

Justin Hoffman01/05/2021 05:03

absolutely good luck to you too my friend

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Dan***com01/05/2021 04:25
Im buying 3k shares tomorrow. This actually might be a winner this year.


IknowMyStuff01/05/2021 04:12
bill gates is a sociopath and the only thing on his mind is complete world order. He encourages the lockdowns just so he can make more billions as everyone bleeds into poverty

IknowMyStuff01/05/2021 04:33

gracias amigo

Stocks & Smokin’ D01/05/2021 04:29

He right tho

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Balois01/05/2021 03:06
Good stuff man!!


Leo01/05/2021 02:44
If you google bharat biotech and bill gates , You will find details of all the funding gates foundation have been giving them over the years to develop all sorts of vaccines 😄


AstroDoge01/05/2021 02:44
Bro we for real gonna be printing here soon mad patience!


mau01/05/2021 02:44
Yes, thats how “Bill Gates” helped to 99% eradiate Polio.💪🏼👍🏼 Bill Gates is a good man, yet there those unhappy life people that know nothing and make unneeded comments in media. His partner, “Warren Buffet”.

Cline01/05/2021 05:06

that 1% tho. yikes. many millions dead and because 99% you call it sinister people are trying to help produce a vaccine? I hope you look in the mirror and see love soon.

mck***com01/05/2021 04:42

before you pass judgment you should look up the facts yourself I have and he's 100 percent right please just look at the facts you will find if you do your research this is far bigger then keeping the public safe and more sinister then you can fathom you have a 99 percent survival rate yet it's an epidemic 11 million people have already had covithey need to be vaccinated they should already have antibodys


Let’s get this bread01/05/2021 02:38
I wonder who else he gave money to though


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