01/05/2021 09:26

$Ocugen Inc my concern remains production. while I believe the vaccine to be legit and the demand is certainly there, they're not capable of mass producing it on the level of those who have already gotten some out the door. 10m doses is nothing. 200m by the end of 2022 might be too late.

I see the potential here but I just don't know if they can make enough fast enough to get it to market while it's in demand
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All Comments(8)

💰Road 2 25K🚙01/05/2021 09:33
Lest say they can only make half of that....do you believe this stock is only worth $2-3 because of it? I dont know why thats even a concern

bel***com01/05/2021 09:35

no. I think it's $15-30. what I'm questioning is the people who say it's $100+ if OCGN can't get a significant hold on the US Market until after 2021.


OMM***com01/05/2021 09:30
we will survive it...
look up mortality rate. its 1.8% US, 2.2% Globally..

the U.S. mortslity rate for Medical Malpractice is 9.5%. where I understand that there may need to be a vaccine for those who have insufficient immune systems, compromised, and so forth. As for those with healthy immune systems will do alright. nobody likes to get sick. but if youbhave a higher chance of surviving this than you do a medical practitioner. the need may not be as high as you think right away. outside of those who medically really do need it.

U_AAkcY01/05/2021 10:02

the real question here: why is your healthcare system so bad that malpractice is about the 3rd leading cause of death

bel***com01/05/2021 09:39

it's not about surviving. it's about timing. if the majority of the US population is vaccinated before July, then there's not as much demand for OCGN to bring this to the US market. if they can't get more than a few doses produced this year, then they're curing an already cured disease by the time they get it distributed.


970****15201/05/2021 09:30
Ya they’re pretty capable and if they get funding approved then it’ll help.

bel***com01/05/2021 09:34

capable enough to produce enough quick enough to get it to the US market before the other vaccines get distributed in the US? they're already running late to the party and if they're not going to have enough vaccine produced this year, then companies like Pfizer and Moderna will continue to be the larger part of the US market


ant***com01/05/2021 09:30
you have no clue


Scrt Sqrrl 01/05/2021 09:28
I'm sure they will. if you sell now, I'll be more than happy to buy your stocks. 😁

bel***com01/05/2021 09:29

I'm holding but thanks for the offer. LoL. I just doubt some of the $150 predictions and think $15-30 is a lot more likely because they won't be able to make enough doses.


Sanu01/05/2021 09:27
They are capable

bel***com01/05/2021 09:31

the information I saw said they were hoping to have capacity to make up to 200m doses by the end of 2021. that means they're not going to have that supply produced until the end of 2022. if you have better information please share it.


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