01/05/2021 21:58

this has me thinking. here in the usa we have a very urgent need for an effective vaccine. we also are having quantity shortages. why is the government pushing Moderna and Pfizer when there is COVAXIN with OCUGEN based in USA? They could get FDA approval and push COVAXIN in USA and get these vaccines rolling out like now. They have the capacity and the cure with high efficacy inoculations. This needs to be in the big news getting pushed and the government needs to get on the COVAXIN train like yesterday.
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Myplytm01/05/2021 22:26
In fifteen days this will get the green light and movement will be at lightspeed.

Just need to get rid of the trumpstain. Biden promised first hundred days maximum public vaccination and jids back in school. This is how it happens.


kn_***com01/05/2021 22:05
I do not think that Ocugen or its partner shared effectiveness rates with the trials except that the results are promising.

MINOTAUR 01/05/2021 22:15

i read 60-70% in most and in some 85-90% efficacy.


har***com01/05/2021 22:02
politics... those big biz companies are weaved into our political system lobbiest etc... plus no bs this country is founded on racism. I'm not from India but I see the bs. their CEO /TOP scientists was saying "why slur us bc india is not inferior"

MINOTAUR 01/05/2021 22:13

good point 👍


DiuLayLoMou01/05/2021 22:01
money talk


newbietrader01/05/2021 21:59
Trump is still in town...


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