Justin Hoffman

01/06/2021 18:32

$Ocugen Inc for anyone thats never bothered to research the price history on this stock this stock has always been a double digit and triple digits stock it's only been a low price stock for the last year they where about to get hit with non compliance so what did they do they partnered with the biggest vaccine producing company in India because they knew it would put them back in compliance this stock is a sleeping giant its been asleep for the last year and here very soon its going to awaken and when it does its going g to make all the patient people rich question is are you going to be one of them or not that choice is on you
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sam01/06/2021 18:59
reverse spit 1 for 60 is why it dropped..

Justin Hoffman01/07/2021 02:30

truth be told it was just because they didn't have anything of note going on with their company during that period all they needed was a catalyst and now they have it

Tariq01/06/2021 19:09



Stocknut01/06/2021 18:51
Holding strong snf buying more!


IFBB_DA01/06/2021 18:45
Sitting on 9k shares and NOT SELLING SHIT! Ive done my DD and I know this stock will hit BIG TIME!! 💎🖐🏼’s 🐂

Justin Hoffman01/07/2021 02:28

there's this space aged thing called the internet and the combination of the internet and intelligence you can find out anything you want

rei***edu01/06/2021 19:04

How do you conduct your research ?

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MINOTAUR 01/06/2021 18:38
nothing to lose and everything to gain!!

Justin Hoffman01/06/2021 18:39



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$Bionano Genomics cocaine, whores, and alot of guns!!!! that's what I'ma blow all my fortune on guys !!!!! I'm interested in hearing what y'all might do with y'all's money one-day leave a comment ?Belflord E. Lee 01/24/2021 18:05
$Ocugen Inc i did my partHold Bags Sell Profits 01/24/2021 19:33
$Churchill Capital Corp IV its happening this is from lucids htmlJandT74 01/24/2021 18:32
$TESLA to the moon!!zac***edu 01/24/2021 16:40