01/09/2021 06:42

$Ocugen Inc not sure if it will be ALLOWED to happen on Monday🤔🤔🤔..... but, my prediction is that once CERTAIN investors assume their predetermined private positions in this stock (and sick game they planned with China), the manipulation of this security will end. At that point once OCGN breaks 3.81, it will go parabolic like you've never seen! 🚀 this is on a scale greater than any of us have experienced in our lifetime!!! (will not be surprised if it trips breakers for hours and peaks well above triple digits.... have your orders ready 🍻🤑)
Ocugen Inc-0
Ocugen Inc-1
Ocugen Inc-2
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IBULL01/09/2021 15:27
I like optimism 🤗


bullsfund01/09/2021 13:01
you lost me at triple digits 🤣


Investigator01/09/2021 12:13
Yep yep perfect prediction


Stocknut01/09/2021 11:01
You might be on to something ...


infamoustrini01/09/2021 07:57
is this trump??....u sound like trump

B. Lumbergh01/09/2021 14:36

Minotaur well said may not like it but will deal with it for the time

Bond_James_Bond01/09/2021 11:27


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