01/10/2021 01:20

$Ocugen Inc The news is all great. Even more to come over next week. I love the communicate from Bharat. Anyone whom did their d&d knows that Bharat is an impressive guy. His vaccines are remarkable and beat his competitors standards for to market timetables. He stands alone with his genius when it comes to successful vaccines. Thats why he only needs 5 investors. Bill Gates among them.
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daydreamer01/10/2021 02:21
Shorts attack facts the most. I feel better about my posts now. Watch the news shows outta India. It's illuminating.


Bishop2G701/10/2021 01:53

daydreamer01/10/2021 01:55

I felt we were having a reasonable discussion. The one whom starts lobbing negative comments lost. So I'll move on.


Bishop2G701/10/2021 01:53
Bharat is a smarty guy lol 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


daydreamer01/10/2021 01:52
Research Dr. Ella. Then tell me anything said is inacurate.


Bishop2G701/10/2021 01:52


Ricky LaFleur01/10/2021 01:49
This one made me laugh though

daydreamer01/10/2021 01:51

My job is done then

Bishop2G701/10/2021 01:51



Ricky LaFleur01/10/2021 01:47
Got damm, you clown pumpers arent even trying anymore. At least put a little more effort into it

Ricky LaFleur01/10/2021 02:17

Sorry man now I realize english just probably isnt your first language my bad

daydreamer01/10/2021 01:57

It was corrected. I make mistakes. Do you?

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daydreamer01/10/2021 01:25
His name is Dr. Ella. My bad.


Bishop2G701/10/2021 01:23
Bharat isn't a guy...smh...

daydreamer01/10/2021 01:26

Stop shaking your head. Ego is probably hurting your profits.

daydreamer01/10/2021 01:25

Dr. Ella

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daydreamer01/10/2021 01:22
My focus here is a 3 month hold, minimum. An alternative plan will be needed for day trading... etc


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